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Eye Lash & Eye Brow Growth Serum


Finally, a natural option for those stubborn lashes and brows, that no matter what you do, just won’t grow or stay thick. We blended the best possible ingredients to stimulate that growth in our 10 mL roller that comes with a lash brush. 

How to Use

Recommended before bedtime. Start by stimulating your lashes with the brush for about 15 seconds. Apply a small amount, to your lash line and/or brows, with the roller applicator. Using the brush, gently massage in for even distribution. For best results use nightly. NOTE: This oil blend is not intended for use with artificial lashes.


The beauty of all-natural products is that they work and are full of natural goodness without harsh chemicals, parabens or preservatives. The secret really is the regular routine and naturally good ingredients.

Add this to your nightly routine and expect to see results in as little as 2 weeks!


Proprietary Blend™, pharmaceutical grade; castor oil, grapeseed oil, papaya seed oil, Vitamin E oil, biotin, refined coconut oil, almond oil, organic vegetable glycerin.

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