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Care Gift Box | Give the Gift of SIMPURE | Limiting your toxic load Naturally.

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These incredible collections include our Top Sellers, combining all of our customer favorites into four UNIQUE eco-friendly, biodegradable moss lined, fully recycled gift boxes. NO PLASTIC, NO TAPE and NO WASTED RIBBON. Gift responsibily this holiday season. ♻️ 

Buy together and save. Limit your toxic load today. Perfect for gifting too! $115+ value. 

This set is a customer favorite because it's everything you need to quickly limit your toxic load, by switching to all-natural daily-use products from SIMPURE! 

This beautifully arranged gift box contains: 

  • 2oz Natural Insect Repellent
  • Underarm Cleansing Kit
  • 6oz Matcha Green Tea Bath Salts
  • Sport Max Deodorant
  • Eucalyptus Peppermint Body Wash


What is ECO-FRIENDLY Gifting at SIMPURE?

All gift boxes are made of recycled Kraft paper, with (3) types of biodegradable moss filling (add to your garden or house plants), all are beautifully secured with a 100% recycled & recycleable 100 lb paper sleeve. NO PLASTIC, NO TAPE, NO WASTED RIBBON. Gift responsibily. We care about our carbon footprint, like we CARE about your skin and want to help eliminate as much as we can that goes into the landfills.


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