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Motivate Aromatherapy Spray


This blend is sweet and spicy, balancing grapefruit and peppermint, for an uplifting feeling. The name says it all...Motivate. What will You get done? 



  • Simple blend of essential oils, witch hazel and water. No added chemicals.
  • Use on-the-go, at the gym or a yoga class
  • At home, use in the bathroom, and as a body or linen spray

Size: 4 oz. Bottle

How to Use: Shake bottle well before spraying. If spraying near your face, close your eyes.


Our MOTIVATE Aromatherapy Blend is made with the sweetest, late season Grapefruit you'll find & Peppermint leaf Essential oils! This blend is uplifting and bright, yet just sweet enough to make the person craving something a bit more sweet to smile. The Peppermint is definitely the second note, but levels the sweetness out adding a bit of a spice aroma to it.

Great for use on the skin, linens and our favorite is in the shower. Just 3-4 sprays before you get in the shower to open those airways and instantly feel relaxed. Perfect bathroom deodorizer as well!

Our Aromatherapy Sprays are made up of 100% pure essential oils, witch hazel and deionized water. They are amazing for on-the-go use at the gym or yoga class, and in the home for the bathroom, as a linen refresher, and of course, on yourself for an instant smile! We have 4 Blends to choose from and all have simple pure ingredients. No binding agents or artificial fragrances. Keeps you and your family safe, without harmful chemicals, while enjoying the amazing aroma of our sprays made with pure essential oils.

Our sprays can have from 400-500 drops of 100% pure essential oils per 4-oz bottle.


Deionized Water, Witch Hazel and 100% Pure Sweet Grapefruit & Peppermint Essential oil Blends

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