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When to Exfoliate Your Face | SIMPURE

When to Exfoliate Your Face | SIMPURE

Exfoliation is an amazing skincare process that refines the outer layer of our epidermis, strips away any dead skin cells and excess sebum (an oily substance produced from glands), and repairs dull looking skin. 

In addition to facial exfoliation, it is important to provide the same treatment to your knees and elbows, as they can dry out faster than the rest of our arms and legs. Other areas that can carry dead skin cells are our feet, heels, thighs and ankles. Regular exfoliation will allow for hydrated, refreshed, and brighter skin.

When to Exfoliate in Your Routine

Exfoliation can be part of your daytime or nighttime routine, whatever works best for your schedule. We recommend starting at night for your first use just in case your skin becomes red or irritated. Also, makeup wearers may see better results with nighttime exfoliation to remove remaining residue.

This should be your second step, it is important to still cleanse before exfoliating as you will see much better results with a clean base to start from. Otherwise, there may be dead skin cells left behind as the exfoliant would focus on removing dirt and grime instead.

After exfoliating, be sure to follow with a hydrating serum, oil, and/or moisturizer. Exfoliation will strip your skin of any oils leaving it feeling dry and needing compensation. We recommend our Facial Cream if you are a daytime exfoliator and our Night Cream if you are a nighttime exfoliator.

Exfoliant Usage Based on Skin Type

As opposed to your other daily products, exfoliation should only occur 1-3 times per week depending on the type of exfoliant you are using and your skin type. Chemical exfoliants such as AHAs and BHAs are fine to use multiple times per week, and you can even work your way up to using them every other day. However, physical exfoliants such as brushes and scrubs can be more abrasive and should only be used 1-3 times per week. 

Here is a guide for each skin type with how often and which type of exfoliant to use:

Oily, combination, and acne prone: 2-3 times per week (if skin can tolerate it). Both chemical and physical exfoliants.

Dry or sensitive: 1-2 times per week. Chemical exfoliants. 

Mature: 2 times per week. Chemical exfoliants.

Physical exfoliants used on dry, sensitive, and mature skin may lead to abrasion marks and irritation. We recommend starting with chemical exfoliants and if after about a month of your skin becoming used to it, you can try out a form of physical exfoliation. Be sure to gently apply and do not over exfoliate.

It can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks for your skin to heal from over exfoliating, so be sure to patch test any new products, and to take a few days in between each session to let your skin renew itself.

Exfoliate with SIMPURE 

Here at SIMPURE, we have multiple options for you to choose from. 

This is a super gentle exfoliant that is perfect for all skin types including sensitive and mature. This is a great combo of chemical and physical exfoliation. We use eco-friendly Jojoba Wax Beads for the physical element, as well as AHAs derived from Organic Rooibos 

How to Use:

Start by cleansing with your favorite SIMPURE® Cleanser. With a wet face and  damp hands pump 2-3 times into your palm, then gently rub on your face and neck in circular motions using your fingertips. Rinse with cool water. Towel dry gently and apply your favorite SIMPURE® Toner, Serum and Moisturizer.

These products are fantastic for acne prone and oily skin. We recommend that those with sensitive skin use these products with caution as the AHAs can be slightly intense. They help peel away the surface of your skin so that new, more evenly pigmented skin cells may generate and take their place.

How to Use:

With warm water, gently massage cleanser into your face and neck with your exfoliating mitt or fingertips, then rinse with cool water. Towel dry gently.

After cleansing the face, apply 3-4 sprays of toner to a cotton pad and gently apply all over the face in upward motions. Allow to dry, and follow with a SIMPURE® serum and moisturizer for your skin type.

This mask is our most intense form of exfoliation. Using 30% AHAs, this is an esthetician grade mask that acts like an enzyme peel. The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask brightens and refines your skin, while delivering over 100 nutrients, including Vitamins A, C and E.

How to Use:

Apply a thin layer to a clean dry face. For sensitive skin, leave on for 3-5 minutes. For other skin types you can leave on for up to 10 minutes. After about 5 minutes the tingling will stop and the mask will dry.

Rinse with cool water and follow with the A&M toner and moisturizer for your skin type. Repeat every 10-14 days. 

You may experience redness and slight peeling (this is normal) but the result of this will leave your skin silky smooth, brighter and allow your moisturizers and facial serums to penetrate deeper, allowing them to fully hydrate your skin. Great on blemish prone skin as well.

Additionally, each of our cleansers come with a Korean Exfoliating Mitt which is gentle enough for daily use as long as your skin can tolerate it, sensitive skin may need to reduce usage. 

Exfoliation is an important step to add to your weekly routine, and we like to think of it as resetting our epidermis with a fresh surface. Whether you use chemical or physical exfoliation, your skin will thank you for the pampering.

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