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Summer Skincare Tips: How to Keep Youthful Skin | SIMPURE

Summer Skincare Tips: How to Keep Youthful Skin | SIMPURE

Summer Skincare Tips: How to Keep Youthful Skin

By the time Summer comes around we are all ready to spend time outside and feel the sun on our faces. However, it is important to keep up a skincare routine and protect ourselves from the harmful UV rays. The key to learning how to prevent skin aging is to protect it during the summer.

Sun exposure is the leading factor in visible skin aging, responsible for causing wrinkles, sun spots, poor skin elasticity, pigmentation and decay of skin texture. As the sun’s UV index increases, it is more important than ever to make sure your face and body are properly protected. 

Choosing the right sunscreen for your skin should always relate back to 3 non-negotiables: broad spectrum, water resistance, and an SPF of at least 30. Luckily, SIMPURE has two amazing, affordable, high quality options for you that check all 3 boxes.

What happens to your skin in summer?

In a perfect world, we could go outside for hours and regain our summer tans and cute freckles without any repercussions, but as we know that is just not how it works. Not only does the sun age our skin drastically, it also does a few other things you may not be aware of. 

  1. The sun makes your skin oilier
  2. You may also feel drier
  3. Skin’s hydration may not be retained
  4. Sweat glands overproduce
  5. May see an increase in breakouts

Seeing all of these next to each other may seem confusing, “How can I have oily, dry, sweaty, and acne prone skin all at once?” You may be used to identifying your skin as just one of those descriptors, but the summertime is full of skin surprises. 

Due to the combination of heat and humidity, your sebaceous glands are likely to elevate, open your pores, and produce more oil. We love the feeling of sitting by the pool and being sweaty until that gorgeous gust of wind comes by to cool us off, and the reason we get so sweaty is because like our facial pores, our body’s pores open and try to cool us off naturally with our sweat glands. However, the oil and sweat combo can lead us to our least favorite summer tradition–breakouts.

When our oil and sweat flow increases, our skin becomes easily congested. Mixed with the application of sunscreen and not properly removing it after coming back inside, your skin is struggling to breathe. It is important to double cleanse your skin after a day in the sun to make sure the barrier you applied is being removed so your skin can relax. Be sure to do the same to your back and chest to avoid body acne.

On the other hand, you may experience dry, moistureless skin in the summer. Heat without humidity and high mercury is the reason we can be faced with cracky, dehydrated skin. Be sure to keep your water intake up, but also use hydrating products such as our B3 + HA Facial Serum to help retain your skin’s moisture and boost it with some vitamins at the same time.   

5 Summer Skincare Tips

1. Wear Sunscreen Everyday

Keeping a reusable, travel size bottle of our Weightless SPF 50, or our SPF + Set spray sunscreen in your bag is the perfect way to protect your skin all day and allows for reapplication whenever you need it.

2. Find a Light Moisturizer

You definitely want to keep your skin hydrated, but using too thick of a moisturizer may congest your skin as it is heavily protected by your sunscreen. Our Vitamin C Moisturizer is the perfect consistency.

3. Use Vitamin C

Vitamin C paired with SPF is going to be your holy grail during the summer time. The combination helps protect and prevent environmental damage due to the antioxidants of Vitamin C, which neutralize free radicals.

4. Wash Your Face After Sweating

Double cleansing is a must after those sweaty, chlorine and sunscreen filled days by the pool. Start with our Citrus Rose Makeup Remover to remove all of the ingredients left from our SPF. Follow with your favorite SIMPURE cleanser, we love our Mud Cleanser during the summer.

Don’t forget your neck, chest and back. We don’t want breakouts anywhere! Try our AHA Body Wash for blemish prone skin.

5. Have Aloe on Hand 

For fair complexions, it is common to still experience sunburns no matter how often you reapply sunscreen. Following up a day in the sun with aloe vera is a great way to treat any burns and speed up healing time. Try our Body Cream, available in Unscented or Tranquility, made with real aloe.

Summer Skincare Questions

What skincare to avoid in summer?

Since our skin is naturally producing more oil, it’s safe to tuck away your Liquid Gold and other facial oils until the cold, dry weather comes back. Also, your Pumpkin Enzyme Mask can take a break until fall when you can pair it with some edible pumpkin pie, and make the summertime switch to our Bubble Mask, made with aloe for hydration.

How much skin aging is caused by the sun?


Sun exposure is actually responsible for 80-90% of visible aging. This is because our skin’s elasticity and texture is weakened and damaged from UV rays. Every layer of our skin is damaged by the sun, making it difficult to shed and rebuild any skin naturally.


How quickly can the sun damage your skin?

Depending on your skin type, the amount of time you can spend in the sun before damage can occur varies.

Here are the 6 skin types and how quickly damage occurs for each:

  • Type 1—Pale skin, light eyes, blond/red hair. Always burns, never tans. 10 minutes until damage occurs.
  • Type 2—Fair skin with light eyes. Burns easily, sometimes tans. 20 minutes until damage occurs.
  • Type 3—Medium light skin that starts as a burn, turns into a tan. 30 minutes until damage occurs.
  • Type 4—Light brown skin that tans, sometimes burns. 50 minutes until damage occurs.
  • Type 5—Medium brown skin that almost never burns. 60 minutes until damage occurs.
  • Type 6—Dark brown or black skin that tans easily, never burns. 60+ minutes until damage occurs.

Regardless of your skin type, it is necessary to apply sunscreen whenever you are in the sun and reapply as often as needed, but at least every 2 hours. 

Simple Summer Skincare Routine by SIMPURE

Daily AM regimen: Mud Cleanser, Vitamin C Toner to neutralize free radicals and prevent oil build up, B3 + HA Serum, Vitamin C Moisturizer, Weightless SPF 50 or SPF + Set

Daily PM regimen: Cream Cleanser, Rose Toner to rehydrate, Fade Away Peptide Serum to help with hyperpigmentation and sun spots, Vitamin C Moisturizer

Double cleansing for sweaty days: Follow our AM routine but start with our Citrus Rose Makeup Remover to eliminate all impurities.

Say goodbye to premature aging and hello to your new SIMPURE summertime skincare routine.

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