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Shop Small: Our Favorite Small Businesses

Shop Small: Our Favorite Small Businesses

It seems like every year the holidays approach us faster and faster! One of the best parts of running a small business are the genuine relationships we get to form with other shops in our community. We love celebrating each other’s successes and being part of a shared journey to success. This Small Business Saturday, we would love it if you’d check out some of our small-biz friends in the clean beauty and wellness space!


Impact Naturals


Impact Naturals Image

Who They Are

Impact Naturals is a wellness company that concentrates on next-generation formulations of hemp-derived CBD and minor cannabinoids. Cannabis has been shown to help improve sleep, reduce pain, and minimize stress. They recently won the Dr. John MacKay Best in Show Award and the CBD Expo West. 


What They Do 

Their three flagship products are daily capsules specifically formulated endocannabinoid benefits. Right now, they offer RESTORE, REVIVE, and REST, but are looking to expand their product lineup very soon! 


Our Favorite Product

We love RESTORE. It provides broad-spectrum, high-absorption CHYLOSOMA™, CBD and CBG perfectly blended to help you optimize wellness, reduce anxiety, and minimize pain.



Photos of Serucell and MASAMI products

Of course we love clean skincare, but clean hair care is just as important! Annabell connected with this beautiful brand and has nothing but amazing things to say about their products, owners, mission, and just MASAMI overall!


Who They Are

MASAMI's mission is to provide toxin-free products for each and every hair type, derived from the hydrating ocean botanical, Mekabu (an ocean botanical that grows in the depths of the ocean off the northeast coast of Japan.) It is a nutrient-rich superfood full of minerals, algae and vitamins that provides amazing hydration to revive your hair.


What They Do

Did you know they give a portion of their proceeds to support ocean education and research in Japan? How awesome is that!? Hair products that will make you feel, look, and do good! 


Our Favorite Product 

It was so hard to pick just one, but it has to be their Mekabu Shine Serum. It has NO mineral oil, NO sulfates, NO water, NO parabens, NO phthalates, but it does eliminate frizz, enhances shine and botanically hydrates!


Mr. B's Canine Line


Who They Are

In 2017, Sandra adopted her dog Bentley, and soon discovered that he had anxiety and allergies. After deciding about 5 years prior that she would change her lifestyle, Sandra felt that she should be doing the same for her dog instead of just giving him prescription meds. So, she began training and researching other ways to calm Bentley's anxiety and alleviate his allergies. In 2019, guess who she got in contact with about essential oil wellness for Mr. B? ANNABELL!! 


What They Do

Mr. B's started with anxiety relief, and they now have a canine line made with organic, all-natural, 100% pure essential oils. Sandra has also added collars, leashes, and super addorable bowties to honor her beautiful collie Tiffany who passed in 2017, shortly before Bentley's adoption. Mr. B's is a woman-owned business.


Our Favorite Product

Mr. B's 'Therapy Dog Kit' which includes Antiseptic Ear & Injury Cleaning Spray, Anxiety Spray & Drops and Nose & Paw Healing Balm!


Elaine Wellness

Here at SIMPURE, we obviously love all things simple and pure, and this is our favorite PURE collagen powder!


Who She Is

Similar to Annabell's story and how SIMPURE got started, Elaine experienced a nosedive to her health and decided to discover what was happening within. With tons of research, she found that collagen was a repetitive find to her answers, and within a few months her autoimmune disease had been completely reversed.


What She Does

Elaine says, "Changing the narrative for women around beauty and aging is my passion. Radiant beauty is an inside job and aging is a privilege. The diet and beauty industries have shamed women for long enough and I believe there’s a better way to talk about aging" and THAT is exactly why we love her, and her products.

Elaine's site is super easy to navigate through, buy your collagen powder on it's own or bundle and buy a super cute bottle/mug with your collagen, and save 10% on your order!


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