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No Time to Schedule a Facial? SIMPURE Has You Covered!

No Time to Schedule a Facial? SIMPURE Has You Covered!

No Time to Schedule a Facial? SIMPURE Has You Covered!

We have all been wearing face masks in public since 2020, but have you been wearing yours at home, too? We’re talking about our amazing facial masks! We have 3 beautiful options for any and all skin types.

You’re probably thinking, “I already wash, tone, and moisturize, why do I need to add in a face mask to my routine?” First off, your three step routine is great and there is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping it at that, but like the rest of us, your skin might need a little extra boost.

Now, opposed to your normal routine, it is unnecessary to do a mask every day. We recommend 2-3 times per week for best results, but even once a week is going to give you amazing results!

When a face mask is applied, a film is created which is going to help lock in moisture, hydration, or exfoliation depending on which mask suits you best. Masks are great because they are able to distribute a higher concentration of ingredients in a shorter amount of time, and serums and creams applied after this treatment will be more easily absorbed by your skin, making them more effective.

We know that going to an establishment to get a facial can be pricey and hard to keep up with, so we’re giving you the ability to do it yourself in the comfort of your own home!

Our three masks range from $30-$45, and you will be able to get at least 10 uses per jar, probably more! Oh, and each mask order comes with an included silicone spatula that you can reuse over and over again. Let’s get into the details of each of them!


Pumpkin Enzyme Mask $30

This peel is VERY effective - you will notice immediate results. It smells just like pumpkin pie! We like to call this mask ‘Spicy’ as it is made with 30% AHA, amazing for exfoliation and renewing your skin.

We recommend using a patch test if you have sensitive skin, but no matter your skin type, it’s going to tingle! In addition to Organic Pumpkin, we include White Willow Bark Extract, which contains the anti-inflammatory effects of salicin (natural salicylic acid) that alleviate acne and also diminish fine lines. The polyphenols fight free radicals, protect skin from sun damage, and aid in moisture retention. The tannins control oil and minimize the appearance of pores.

Another standout ingredient is Vitamin A Palmitate, which is an antioxidant, speeds up cell turnover, and promotes collagen production. Its exfoliant properties unclog pores, making it a common ingredient in acne products.

We recommend using this mask 2x per week, for up to 10 minutes, 3-5 will do the trick, and after about 5 minutes the tingling will stop and the mask will dry. 


Marine Algae Mask $45

This is one of our staff favorites! As it is water-based by nature, blue-green algae provides moisturization and purifying hydration, helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Blue Green Algae is rich in amino acids and antioxidants, making this an ideal mask for maturing skin, but all skin types will benefit. We have such amazing ingredients in this mask, we need to boast about them a little bit.

First, Blue Green Algae-  Because blue-green algae is high in proteins and fatty acids, it helps to lift and tone your look. Second, the fatty acids work down deep to help firm and tighten your appearance.

Next, OptiMSM  -  Because MSM helps reinvigorate collagen production after it starts to decline, it’s an excellent ingredient to include in any skincare routine to fight the signs of aging right at the source. Using MSM from a young age may even help reduce future signs of aging before they start.

Finally, Evening Primrose Oil- Not only does evening primrose oil moisturize and soothe, it can enhance the texture and elasticity of skin, addressing dryness, irritation, roughness and wrinkles. The use of evening primrose oil in replacement of water allows for max hydration, and this mask will NEVER dry on your face (goodbye dry, dehydrated skin!) or in its jar. 


Bubble Mask $30

Bubble Masks are essentially deep cleansing face masks that aim to clear out your pesky blackheads, reduce dirt and oil, and hydrate using a special oxygenation process (hence the foam). You may have heard of oxygen facials before, where pure oxygen is used to pump antioxidants and other goodness directly into your skin, and bubble masks basically try to emulate that in a much more affordable form. 

Using perfectly formulated micro oxygen bubbles and Ayurvedic plant extracts, and rich kaolin clay, this mask will eliminate excess oil buildup while shrinking pores, leaving your skin feeling clean, refreshed, and beautifully polished. Great for anyone with blackheads, enlarged pores and blemish prone skin.

This jar will easily get you 15+ masks! Leave this on for up to 10-20 minutes. You may experience a “tickling” sensation, which is normal. Mask will bubble up and the thicker you apply the larger the bubbles get. Wash off the mask with cool water and follow with a SIMPURE toner and moisturizer.

**Use daily for excessively oily/blemish prone skin and weekly for normal/combo for best results**


What If I Can’t Choose?

Well, we are big fans of combining our products for maximum effectiveness. One of our tips is to start with your Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, and follow up with your Marine Algae Mask. The Pumpkin will deeply exfoliate and the Marine will soothe the redness, they really are the perfect pair!

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