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January Product of the Month: RELIEF Aromatherapy Roller!

January Product of the Month: RELIEF Aromatherapy Roller!

What Better Way to Start the Year, Than With A Little RELIEF!

Did you know that before we were SIMPURE, we were a little essential oils company named Auntie & Me? We focus a lot on skincare nowadays but essential oils find their way into almost all of our products. Whether it is to scent our body washes, add extra benefits into our Liquid Gold Facial Oil and toners, or a pure mix of oils packaged in our pocket sized roller sticks for a variety of needs!

What are Essential Oils?

When various parts of plants, flowers, fruits, leaves, etc. are steamed or pressed, essential oils are released! They are basically plant extracts, which we use a lot of in our skincare.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

The use of essential oils for therapeutic benefits is called Aromatherapy and this practice has been used for many many centuries, before modern medicine was even available! Essential oils can be inhaled or applied topically. When inhaled, our olfactory nerves (which enable our sense of smell) directly receive and transport the scent molecules to the amygdala, which is the emotional center of our brains. When applied topically, the oils are absorbed into the skin and problem areas.



Our RELIEF roller is one of our best selling aromatherapy products due to its amazing scent and the benefits it provides! Consisting of 5 beautiful oils; Peppermint, Spearmint, Bulgarian Lavender, Camphor and Menthol Crystals in fractionated Coconut Oil. 
Peppermint is amazing at healing headaches, stomachaches, nausea, muscle aches and reducing stress! Spearmint has similar properties as peppermint, and also helps boost your energy and uplift your mood. Bulgarian Lavender is one of our favorite and most widely used oils at SIMPURE! This oil is great for relieving stress, sleeplessness, and anxiety. Camphor has amazing pain relieving powers as well as being an anti inflammatory.  Menthol crystals in fractionated coconut oil means that we mix the menthol crystals into our carrier oil to dissolve them and get the relief from congestion, headaches and fever, and immunity support.
As you can tell, this little potion brings tons of relief to you whether it is sickness related, sore muscles, or to boost your mood.

How to Use

We recommend using this blend topically for any sore muscles or achy joints, rub a circle around the affected area and massage the oil in to allow it to penetrate the problem area. For headache relief, apply to temples, neck, and wrists, and inhale the scent and allow it to do its magic. We like to apply to the bottoms of our feet and tops of our shoulders as well when we are feeling under the weather or need a good boost of energy and motivation. 

What to Pair With

Luckily, we already a bundle ready to go for your joint care needs! Check out our Joint Care + RELIEF Roller Bundle (only $45!) Our Joint Care Spray is packed with anti inflammatories including Arnica oil, Clary Sage and Bulgarian Lavender essential oils, and PURE Zechstein Magnesium Chloride straight from the Netherlands! Use this spray, then follow with a direct application of your RELIEF roller and feel your muscles feel better almost instantly. The perfect gift for anyone in your life, because who doesn't need a little RELIEF?
Don't forget to check out our other Aromatherapy Rollers! Each has a different purpose, scent and benefits. We can't wait for you to try these!
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