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Guide to Underarm Care | SIMPURE

Guide to Underarm Care | SIMPURE

Self care stems from your head to your toes, including your armpits. We often neglect this part of our body by just slathering on some deodorant and calling it a day, yet there are multiple ways to make sure your pits are pampered too. 

Our story started with our founder Annabell and her journey with stage 3 breast cancer. With the help of her doctors, they narrowed down the cause to be from her daily use of aluminum in antiperspirants. 

Once she was feeling better after numerous rounds of chemotherapy and surgeries, she began to craft her own deodorant from baking soda, shea butter, essential oils, and most importantly no aluminum. After a few rounds of different formulas, her first product and one of our best sellers was born: Sport Max All-Natural Deodorant. We now offer 4 options with different scents and even one without baking soda for sensitive armpits. 

  • Sport Max (Lemongrass, Orange, Lavender, Geranium, and Clary Sage oils)
  • Gentle Nature (Geranium, Lemongrass, Lavendin, Orange and Clary Sage oils, and baking soda free)
  • Woodsy (Sandalwood, Cedarwood, and Patchouli oils)
  • Herbaceous & Citrus (Lemongrass, Orange and Lavender oils)

Armpit Detox

Sweating is our body's natural way of detoxing itself of any chemicals that have been collected from antiperspirants and deodorants, as well as environmental factors. Once sweat is introduced to your underarms, bacteria will begin to fester and will lead to the unwanted odor we have all experienced.

Your pits will benefit from our All-Natural Underarm Cleansing Kit, which cleans, refreshes, and moisturizes at the same time. You will also notice that your all natural deodorants work much better when they have a clean base to work off of. Have you tried an all natural deodorant and immediately said “Nope, not using this anymore. I stink!”? That’s because your armpits are begging for a detox from that built up bacteria, and there is no aluminum to prevent your glands from sweating. 

If you also experience razor bumps on your underarms, this mask will help smooth and soothe any irritation.

How to Use:

The kit contains four to five uses, separately packaged to assure ultimate freshness. 

  • Take a heaping teaspoon of dry ingredients in a clean dish and 1 teaspoon of liquid blend (shake it first). 
  • Add a few drops of water at a time, until you form a nice smooth paste. 
  • Apply a thin layer to each armpit
  • Leave it on for 20-30 min, and then rinse off.
  • Repeat in three days, and again in one week. Then repeat monthly or every few months if needed.

Underarm Toner

Recent trends on social media have consumers using Glycolic Acid and other toners on their underarms, here’s what we think.

Toners are typically used to remove excess grime, dirt and oils from your face and some can be very strong. Our armpits are quite sensitive as the axillary skin is prone to irritation. As we advise with any form of sensitive skin, armpit toners should be used with caution. In theory, it is a great way to remove any dirt that we have acquired throughout the day, but it will not do anything for sweating or scent. 

For those who are wanting to add this as an extra step into their routine, we recommend our gentlest toner REJUVENATING Rose Toner. Apply to a cotton pad and swipe up to remove dirt.  This toner includes Squalane and Witch Hazel which can help if your skin becomes irritated as they are each amazing ingredients for soothing and hydrating our skin. 

If any irritation or redness occurs, we recommend rinsing off with water and letting your underarms breathe. Over washing or rubbing with a towel may increase irritation and cause inflammation.

If you notice dry or cracked skin on your armpits, using our Unscented Body Cream will help you see amazing results quickly. We recommend our unscented version because as we mentioned, your pits are quite a sensitive area. However, if you are obsessed with essential oils and natural scents, our Tranquility formula might be right up your alley. 

All-Natural Deodorants

Many people have put off the switch to natural deodorants because of the lack of instant gratification. By this, we of course mean the off putting smell you may experience after your first time application. However, as mentioned before, an armpit detox can help solve that issue and convert you into a lifetime user. 

Aluminum is typically used to block your natural sweat glands, which sounds great since nobody wants to have wet spots when they lift their arms. Yet, the truth is that little ingredient is wreaking havoc on your body. In combination with other preservatives, experts have proven that these toxic ingredients can be linked to cancers, thyroid interference, Alzheimer’s and other hormonal disruptions. 

Not allowing your body to sweat only means one thing, those toxins are remaining inside of your pores and can end up in your bloodstream. We cannot stress enough that sweating is not what makes you stinky, it’s the combination of sweat with bacteria that is trapped from said toxins.

Our all-natural deodorants will keep your pores clear, hydrate with shea butter and vitamin E oil, and even disinfect bacteria with coconut oil. Not only is natural deodorant better for your body, but it is better for the environment as well. 

Do yourself and your pits a favor and do an underarm detox, stay hydrated, and switch to an all-natural deodorant.

SIMPURE’s Underarm Care Routine

Step 1: Underarm Cleansing Kit

Step 2: Use one of our 4 All-Natural Deodorants 

Step 3: For extra hydration, try our Body Cream after your shower 

Step 4 (optional): Tone your pits with our REJUVENATING Rose Toner

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