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Annabell’s Story

Annabell’s Story

Annabell was just 26 years old when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer that started in her Armpit from daily use of anti-perspirant and ended up in her right breast. After six rounds of chemotherapy & five surgeries and still no sign of remission she decided to put her faith in holistic medicine. Finally, after less than 9 months she went into remission from the help of Dr. Conway in Vancouver, WA.

After her journey and countless hours of research she decided this needed to be shared with the World. The not so commonly known harmful risks of using a deodorant and Body Products in general that are slowly poisoning our bodies. We by default hand our children the same harmful chemicals when they hit puberty and need an underarm deodorant among other beauty regiment products. Unfortunately, this leads to thousands of young adults with a whole range of health problems.

Annabell decided that there is a need to advocate to people about the harmful effects of bad elements as well as educate about the alternatives, especially since a whole range of those commonly used ingredients are outlawed in several countries around the World, sadly still used in the United States.

This mission has snowballed into a full line of beauty and body products that are not only all-natural but work amazingly well. She tries to educate people about their health, skin and overall damage done to their bodies with the day to day products used. Her passion now is to Educate and Produce the best possible alternatives to your daily routines for an affordable price.

Annabell is also in the process of collaborating further with Dr. Conway, in starting a Foundation to help people affected by cancer. And donates proceeds with every jar of deodorant sold.

(Update: 3/25/22): We started as Auntie and Me and now we are SIMPURE Clean Skincare, same quality ingredients and values with more science to help elevate Nature. Welcome to the SIMPURE family. 

-Annabell Catania


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