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4 Ways SIMPURE Champions Clean Beauty

4 Ways SIMPURE Champions Clean Beauty

Our ethos can be summarized as this: we empower clean beauty with science-backed formulas and sustainable practices. Our belief is that clean beauty, proven formulas, and a love for our planet can — and should — co-exist. Take a look at a few of the ways we embody our values through everything we do.

100% Vegan Squalane

Traditionally, many beauty products use squalene — a deeply moisturizing component found in shark liver. According to BLOOM, an estimated 2.7 million deep sea sharks are killed each year to harvest squalene. It’s a hideous, deeply disturbing practice that has a direct impact on our oceans and the environment. Thankfully, scientists have isolated the CH30H50 molecule in squalene. They’ve been able to find that same molecule in many plants, including olive oil and sugarcane. Squalane, the vegan iteration of squalene, mimics the moisture our skin produces, making it easily absorbed for added hydration. It’s the skin’s best moisturizer, and is safe for all skin types. At SIMPURE, we only use sustainably-sourced squalane. Our chemists work hard to formulate products that are proven and safe for the planet.

No Animal Testing or Harsh Chemicals

Many harmful ingredients that are banned in other countries are still legal to use in American consumer products (hello, cancer-causing aluminum in antiperspirants). We follow progressive practices outlined by European beauty brands, and have vowed to never use any of the over 2,000 ingredients known to be toxic to you and the environment. Our All-Natural Deodorants are free of aluminum, and only include safe (yet effective!) natural ingredients. Because we love our planet, we exclusively use vegan, cruelty-free ingredients in all formulas. We have never tested on animals, and we never will. Some products, like our All Natural Bug Repellant, are even safe to use around pets!

Eco-Friendly Gift Boxes & Packaging

We believe pretty and sustainable can coexist. When you want to go the extra mile for someone special, rest assured that our gift boxes are completely sustainable. Each box is packed with biodegradable moss that you or a friend can plant once they open their gift. If you feel like getting crafty, there are innumerable ways to reuse moss and reduce waste. Plus, our serums, oils, and other products come in glass bottles that you can recycle once finished.

Artificial Fragrance Free

Many skincare products are scented with synthetic chemicals. Most are petroleum-based and prove exceptionally harmful to our health. Some common chemicals in fragrances include: phthalates (which disrupt our endocrine systems), carcinogens benzophenone, and styrene. The negative effects of these chemicals can range from asthmatic attacks to increased susceptibility to cancer. We use natural, planet-friendly essential oils to scent our products, and offer a variety of unscented options for those of us that want completely fragrance-free products. If you’re looking for a safe-to-use perfume, we love spritzing our Tranquility Aromatherapy Spray on our wrists and decolletage!

Our commitment is to our customers, our communities, and our planet. We will never make you choose between powerful results and environmentally-friendly ingredients. Rest assured — everything we do centers around compassion for all of earth’s inhabitants. Always.

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